Not-So-Desperate Housewife

Is It That Time of Year Already?

It seems hard to believe that another school year has come and gone. The hot weather is creeping in Read more»  
Posted on Monday, July 01, 2013 

Housemaids - Can't Live With Them, Can't...

Many of you may know that we have a large family. On top of that we are blessed to have quite a la Read more»  
Posted on Saturday, June 01, 2013 

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Alas, the hunt for a new villa has come upon our family again. I can still remember with a bit of Read more»  
Posted on Wednesday, May 01, 2013 

We Must Be Growing Up

I've known a lot of pleasures in my life, but I have to say that being a parent to my four kids ha Read more»  
Posted on Monday, April 01, 2013 

Planet Man

I confess that I don’t know much about how other cultures play out their different male-female i Read more»  
Posted on Friday, March 01, 2013 

Previously known as Al Ain House Wife
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