Mini-Hipsters: Fashion Advice From The Hello Spring Fashion Show

By Stefanie Mackinnon

Published: Friday, June 01, 2012    

Kids can have so much fun with fashion these days; in fact they have more choices than ever before. Now I don't advocate turning your little one into a fashion hound, but I do believe kids need to dress in clothes that will make them feel confident and good about themselves. When shopping for your child, try to keep it simple by creating a foundation wardrobe of everyday basics, then add in a few key fashion pieces to keep your little one looking snappy each season.

Back to Basics Everyday basics for kids consist of plain T-shirts, tanks, leggings and shorts, all of which are practical and comfortable. These pieces can fit in to any style your little one is after and they are super easy to mix and match, particularly if you select them in colors that complement each other. Don't forget to let your kids choose a few of their favorite colors, too. After all, they are the ones who have to wear it.

When the colors in the closet are unified, mixing and matching becomes effortless; always a benefit when your three-year-old mini-fashionista decides that it's time to start dressing themselves!

On Trend Once you have your basics sorted, that's when the real fun begins. Time to head to the mall to pick out two or three trend-based pieces that are unique for the current season and pair them back with your basics.

Right now, girls can rock the bold, printed maxi dress or team their basic leggings back with a super cute 'puff ball' tank dress. Both are simple easy trends for them to wear and adapt to their own personal style. Boys, swagger out with style in boldly colored cargo shorts, layered back with a crisp white tees and plaid shirts. This creates a fresh, modern look for your little man, all the while keeping him cool and ultra functional.

Babyshop has three great stores in Al Ain and always serves up a host of fun clothes each season for babes, youngsters and tweens alike, and it's all oh-so-wearable. From statement-making prints to cool new color combos, you and your kids will discover tons of new outfit ideas for Spring 2012.

Converse shoes are the perfect addition to your little ones wardrobe. Athletic yet trendy, fashionable yet durable, Cons really know how to combine excellent styling with everyday function. They come in a plethora of colors and prints, and trust me, there is a Converse shoe to suit every kid's personal style.

Why not try and work the old-school look of hi-top Converse trainers teamed back with white or brightly colored slim cut jeans layered with super cool tees and tanks – a very edgy look for either boys or girls.
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