Al Wehaibi “Hazza bin Zayed built Al Ain success strategy, and Cosmin succeeded in changing the team.”

Published: Sunday, July 15, 2012    
Source: Al Ain Sports & Cultural Club



Next season is our new challenge

Valdivia is the Best and I will Miss Al Qahtani

I wish Media Open Hot Files about Professionalism

Our happiest Moments When We Escaped Relegation

Who Knows Al Ain fans and Management Won’t Leave

I bet Our Olympic Team in the Finals, If…

Ali Al Wehaibi, Al Ain player, had a long and transparent talk about the hot file that he wishes to be opened by the media for more development in UAE. He spoke about the most important stations for him with his colleagues and coaches. He also described Valdivia as the best foreign player he played with. This was revealed in an interview discussed his football life in Al Ain.

For Al Ain Wehaibi the coming season is going to be more tough that the previous ones for all teams in the league and especially Al Ain because they are the champions of the last season which means all teams will focus more against Al Ain. “We can’t deny that teams show their best against Al Ain just for the name and the history of Al Ain, but last season was different because we were off light so things moved smoothly and we hit our targets. Now we must pay more attention and have more concentration to keep the trophy for Al Ain again.” Al Wehaibi said.


He was crazily happy when the team escaped relegation and later ascended the podium, “It was the greatest happiness. 8 years without any trophy made everyone eager for it desperately so the tenth trophy came with indescribable feelings. We lived this scene before but this time is the greatest because I have never witnessed the fighting relegation situation which made my feelings mixed by surprise.” Al Wehaibi said.

Historical Scene

Receiving the tenth trophy scene is a historical scene because it came under the title “Khalifa is Our Loyalty” as an appreciation for the wise leadership interest in sports and sportsmen by preparing all development and success reason. My greatest happiness is when I shacked hands with HE Sheikh Hazzabin Zayed Al Nahyan- Al Ain Club first Deputy President, Al Ain Club Honorary Board first Deputy President, because he is the one who established the success strategy in the club and he also cares about Al Ain and the first team players. I have been receiving his care and support for 15 years when I joined the first team. Tongue can’t thank him. His existence with us on podium increased our happiness. At that moment I missed all players whom I played with since I joined the first team and I wished them with us at that moment.”

“Fighting relegation was a hard feeling but it benefited us a lot and we learned to face all circumstances with courage and to accept all results with sportsmanship, but Al Ain has great name and history related to victories. Last season was accompanied with a lot of pressure one players and we thanks Allah for helping us to get Al Ain in the right position and such situation can occur to most football teams in the world. However we wish it never be back.” Al Wehaibi.

Valdivia the Best

For Ali the best foreign player came to Al Ain is Valdivia. “There is no player like him, but foreign players came to Al Ain made difference and we made use of their experience. Many professional foreign players came to Al Ain and most of them benefit Al Ain and made difference in many occasions but for me Valdivia is the best whom I played with. However, Al Ain management hit many birds by one shot when then got Hilal Saeed in Al Ain again who represents a great value to Al Ain after thinking of a foreign player for this position, but Hilalis familiar with Al Ain players which made him match quickly with the players and he is lovely by all.”

I don’t agree with

Al wehaibi doesn’t agree that winning the tenth trophy is the easiest one, because “any victory needs a lot of efforts and planning, more concentration, and distinguished leadership. Our determination was clear and feeling eager to win was always there. Al Ain board chaired by Sheikh Abdullah Mohd Khalid S Al Nahyan, always were keen on preparing all success factors and our coach succeeded in planning challenge in us. He also led us in a unique way which pushed the players to show their best. However our fans were the landmark last season. All of these factors confirm that our victory came as a result of great hard work and assures that it was difficult but not easy after we were with no trophy for 8 seasons and a season before the 10th trophy we were fighting relegation. Anyways, we are strong again.” Ali said.

Logan Camp

He assured that “morale of all players in Logan camp is so high and Cosmin style this next season will look so different. He always asks for commitment and seriousness to get more benefit of training sessions and to keep the team in the place we reached for the coming season. We are living ideal times in Logan and we will witness a promising season. For me Cosmin is the man of this era. He succeeded in getting the team out of all pressures and led us to podium. He changed the shape of the team by a lot of work.”

Best Foreign players

“Scocco and Al Qahtani contributed greatly in changing the results of the team last season. I have a close friendship with Yasser Al Qahtani since 2006. I’m not happy of his departure after his loan is over while Scocco was obliged by his family circumstances to go back to his home country. However we wish them success in their lives. We are sure that Al Ain now try to get the best professional players to replace them.” Ali said.

But for coaches who trained him, Ali said “I learned of all coaches who coached Al Ain and we as players always speak about them. We always remember Jamal Haji who worked hard on preparing junior players.”


About rumors of his departure before renewing his contract, he said “it is not true and it is just a rumor. I’m the son of Al Ain and I think only of Al Ain and staying with the great fans. It is hard for any player plays for Al Ain to leave after the care and the family atmosphere he sees in the club which is witnessed by all local and foreign players.”

Hot Files

As he told us it is important to communicate with media and to answer the fans questions but sometimes “I find myself need to escape pressure to have extra concentration. I wish media opens hot files of professionalism for developing UAE football. I admit that I have a short hand in my official forum and other social networks accounts which is caused mostly by the intensive training programs because we train in the morning and in the evening which oblige us to work more on developing ourselves, but I consider the fans who ask about me as the real mirror which reflects things transparently and communicating with them lead for positive criticism and development which contributes in increasing my performance level. They are always with us and they always support us and advise us also. I personally would like to be as they think of me. I also would like to send a thank letter to all admin and supervisor and members of my official forum the great efforts and support for me and also I won’t forget those who tweet on Twitter.”

I bet on the Olympic    

About the Olympic team chances he said “For me I think they will reach the finals comparing to their performance and the great names in the team. I think any beginning is hard I such championships especially our team is in a tough group like England and if our team could qualify of this group so they will do well later. I wish them all success.”

Al Wehaibi in Few Lines

He started in Al Ain when he was 10 years old, but football profession was unaccepted at that time for parents because it might affect the boys’ future so encouragement at that time was null. But Ali liked football very much and when he reached 13 he stopped training in the club according to his family’s request who saw sports as a negative factor for future and school but he came back after two years when the coach Abdul Reda Berzikri convinced his family, so Ali joined U15 team and it triggered his real start. He joined the national teams and the first team and finally he joined the national first team when he was 17 years old when he was called by Coach Hamdi Noha. He won some personal titles like best player prize in Lozan friendly championship 2006, best local player 2005-2006, best player in UAE league “Nadina Magazine”, and Super Star 2006 according to UAEFA


-            AFC Champions 2003 is the most precious title in my mind and I was lucky enough to be there because we raised the country flag high, not only our club. We succeeded in a national mission and pleased all sue to the unlimited support from our leaders and fans.

-            Captain sign enhances responsibility and all of us have this feeling.

-            Hilal Saeed is the best player last season for me.

-            Asamoah Gyan snatched the title of a star worthily

-            Daoud Suleiman is the GKeepers star next to Khalid Issa.

-            Al Ain fans are unique and their role in support is not less that players role.   



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