Abdullah bin Mohammed Check Al Ain Delegation in Logan

Published: Sunday, July 15, 2012    
Source: Al Ain Sports & Cultural Club



Al Ain Meet FC Brook and Cottbus FC Friendly on Wednesday
Al Jenebi: Cosmin made slight change on the intensive fitness training
Al Wehaibi and Al Shamisi are first in Fitness Tests

Sheikh Abdullah Mohd Khalid S Al Nahyan, Al Ain Club Board chairman, made a phone call to Logan in Austria to know the news of the delegation there. Nasser Al jenebi, team administrator, passed the greeting of the board chairman to everyone in the delegation which left great effects on them all, players and staffs.

Al Jenebi expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the board chairman of Al Ain club, who always works always on brining all success factors to Al Ain. Al Jenebi also assured the follow up of HE Mohammed Obeid Hammdoun – Al Ain Club board member and football supervisor, HE Mohammed Abdullah bi Bdoua- Al Ain Club board member and group and individual games supervisor, and Matar Al Sahbani, team manager.

About Al Ain camp in Austria he said “Camp is going well as it was planned by Cosmin and everyone is committed to it.” He then praised Waleed and Al Wehaibi who help other player due to their great experience.

About the period before the fitness test, he said “All players want to prove themselves from the very beginning and everyone knows that Cosmin apply challenge between them, so everyone want to win this challenge.”
About fitness test he said “It is great. All players passed the test but Al Wehaibi and Al Shamisi are the first.”

About the two friendly matches he said “As I mentioned before the camp program is going well as it was planned by the coach Cosmin last season and the team today evening will play the first friendly match against FC Brook  one of the forth division teams in Austria  while they will meet Energy Cottbus one of the second division teams in Germany in the second friendly match next Wednesday, July 18th.”

The team continued preparing and training for the coming season in Logan by leading an evening training session in Loga Club stadium. The training session can versatile ad aimed for fitness. After the training there was a friendly match between the players. The first team included: Abdullah Sultan, Mohannad Salem, Ismail Ahmed, Musallam Fayez, Khalid Abdurrahman, Salem Abdullah, Ahmed Al Shamisi, Ali Al Wehaibi, Ahmed Sahl, Mohd Nasser and Gyan who wore an orange T-shirt, while the second team included: Saif Rashid, Sultan Nasser, Faris Juma, Abdul Salam Mohd, Fawzy Fayez, Abdullah Malallah, Yacop Al Hosani, Mohd Salem, Abdul Aziz Fayez, Juma Saeed, and Mohd Malallah. After 30 minutes the match was over 0-0. Each of Radoi, Waleed, and Mohd Abdurrahman did some private training in the gym.        

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