Published: Sunday, April 30, 2017    

By Emma Hayward, special to OL

Nail-biting game as Al Ain Amblers competed against Abu Dhabi Harlequins

The UAE Rugby Federation (UAERF) Tournament finals were a much anticipated fixture which saw the Al Ain Amblers venture to Dubai to compete against the Abu Dhabi Harlequins for the last time this season.

The Amblers put on a strong team, and the majority of the first half happened in the Amblers' section of the pitch. Along with several attempts of runs past the Harlequins defenders, Amblers players Ibrahim Albloushi and FC Holdt were successful with scoring the first tries.

The Harlequins then moved the action to their end of the pitch as the match progressed, where they were successful in scoring twice. As the game came to an end of its first half, there was little movement or threats of scoring from either side, although Albloushi managed a swift dive over the try line and Holdt was successful with the conversion as the whistle was blown.

Then, the second half started with some strong attempts from the Harlequins, but the Amblers' defense held their post. The Harlequins scored easily with an undefended far side of the pitch, but the ricochet meant an unsuccessful conversion.

Following some to-ing and fro-ing, the Harlequins were successful with a fast overlap which scored 3 points and a conversion. With a score of 19 all, the Harlequins had a number of breakthroughs but were unable to finish. The match became a little intense when tempers were flaring for a while in the match and left the Amblers down two teammates with seven minutes to go till full-time.

The Quins were then successful in scoring, gaining the conversion and as the full-time whistle blew, the score stood at 26-26. With 10 minutes now left, Holdt started extra time giving the Amblers were at an advantage. The Quins then gained a penalty just over the centre half line but were not successful in scoring, and a line put on the Quins 10 yard line was taken but resulted in a scrum.

The Amblers almost cleared the ball after the scrum but a high tackle resulted in the caking of another scrum. In the end though, the Quins scored the winning try, bringing the season to a nail-biting end.

The intense game did not end the way the Amblers had wanted, but even as runners-up they were winners in their supporters' eyes and walked away with their heads held high.
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