Have A Cuppa With Jocelyn Gundan

Published: Saturday, January 01, 2011    

Job: Nurse
Nationality: Filipino
Languages Spoken: English, Tagalog, Arabic
Years in Al Ain: 5.5

Q: Tell me about your job. What department do you work in?
Pediatric ICU at one of the local hospitals. I also teach CPR. It's physically draining. It's also so fulfilling to save lives.

Q: What's the best part of your job?
We [nurses] appreciate life more than anything else because we see people in critical conditions.

Q: What's the most difficult part?
Night shifts. You have to force yourself to be awake for 12 hours, to keep your mind and body working when everyone else is sleeping.

Q: What did you do before you moved to Al Ain?
I was a nurse in the Pediatric ICU at the Philippine Heart Center.

Q: Why did you become a nurse?
Nursing was not my first choice. I wanted to be a doctor, but my parents were not capable of sending me to Medical school. I learned to love nursing and I guess my decision was greatly influenced by my eldest brother.

Q: What's one of your favorite places in Al Ain?
Green Mubazzarah. I love to go to see the sunset or in the early morning to watch the sunrise.

Q: What's one of your favorite restaurants in Al Ain?
I don't eat out a lot, but we go to Chili's because my children like it.

Q: If you could live somewhere other than the UAE, where would it be and why?
Vancouver, Canada. Some of my friends and family live there. I like nature and there are a lot of picturesque places there.

Q: What do you do in your free time?
Wander around the city, take pictures, and blog.

Q: Tell me about your interest in photography. How did you get started?
I was bloghopping and some of the blogs had photos, so I thought I'd try that. I started with my camera phone but I wasn't satisfied with the result, so I bought a point-and-shoot digital camera. I still wasn't satisfied because I wanted to see the craters on the moon! Now I use a Canon 500D digital camera with different lenses.

Q: Do you have any formal training in photography?
No. I'm self-taught from the Internet and from looking at other people's photos. I'm planning to take some courses in Dubai in January.

Q: Do you have a favorite subject?
Photos of Al Ain [for the blog Al Ain Daily City Photo], sunrises and sunsets.

Q: When did you start your blog?
December 2006. I was alone because my family hadn't joined me yet in Al Ain. I started it as a personal blog to record my thoughts. Then when I became interested in photography in November 2009 I started a new blog to share my photos.

Q: Do you have family here in Al Ain?
Yes, my husband and two sons (ages 7 and 13) are here with me. This is one of the things I love about the UAE. You can bring your family. Not all countries in the Middle East let you do that.

Q: What's one of your secret indulgences or guilty pleasures?
I collect perfume bottles. I don't even wear it that much. I just want to see the bottles, the packaging, the labels.

Q: How many bottles of perfume do you have?
I have 20 perfume bottles of different brands, sizes and shapes. I like the citrus scent, and I usually find it with Incanto perfume by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Q: What's the last CD you listened to?
Desperado by the Eagles because my husband had it on, but I don't like them. I like piano. I can play the guitar and my husband plays piano.

Q: What's your favorite piano music?
I love the classic ones like "Moonlight Sonata". I also like "Bella's Lullaby" from the movie Twilight.

Q: If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
A meerkat. They're small like me. I wake up easily like them. They have an energetic attitude but when they're angry they can really fight. I'm like that.

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